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The Journal of Graduate Teaching Assistant Development is dedicated to help Teaching Assistants become better instructors and to help institutions in developing their role within higher education.

If you would like to receive copies of articles, please contact the publisher directly at: New Forums Press, Inc., P.O. Box 876, Stillwater, OK 74076

The most recent articles that we have added to our library for your examination are below. Contact or call 486-2686. You must be a UConn student/employee to borrow.

The Journal of Graduate Teaching Assistant Development
Volume 7, number 3, 2000

"Helping Graduate Assistants Teach Physics: Problems & Solutions"
-- Eugenia Etkina

"Facilitating Open-Ended Problem Solving: Training Engineering TAs to Facilitate Open-Ended Problem Solving"
-- Ruth A. Streveler and Robert H. King

"New Teaching Assistants Facilitate Active Learning in Chemistry Laboratories: Promoting Teaching Assistant Learning Through Formative Assessment and Peer Review"
-- Janet Bond Robinson

"Going Beyond Basic Communication Issues: New Pedagogical Training of International TAs in SMET Fields at Two Ohio Universities"
-- Li Tang and Karin Sandell

"1+1=3: Unanticipated Benefits of a Co-facilitation Model for Training Teaching Assistants"
-- Kathryn Hollar, Virleen Carlson and Patricia Spenser

"Why does the math department not tell us to teach this way?" Collaborative Issues in ITA Training Across Discipline
-- By Susan Jenkins

The Oppositional Student and the Attendance Policy
-- By Evelyn A. Backa

Talking about Teaching: Interviews with Ten New Teaching Assistants in a University Writing Program
-- By Claire Howell Major

Preparing Tomorrow's Professoriate: GTA Development and the Case Method
-- By Lou Davidson Tillson

Foreign Language Graduate Assistant Teacher Training: A Four-part Program
-- By Ann Masters Salomone

On Liking Stuff: Students, Papers, and Learning
-- By David Thomas

An Interdisciplinary Teaching Assistant Training Program At An M.A. Institution
-- By Phyllis R. Freeman and Jan Z. Schmidt

Preparing the Professoriate: A Study in Mentorship
-- By Stephen P. Beaudoin and Richard M. Felder

Preparing the University Professoriate for Tomorrow: An Integrated Approach to TA Education
-- By Patricia D. Witherspoon

Challenges and Strategies for Helping GTA's Develop Teaching Portfolios
-- By Marsha L. Vanderford, James Eison, and Tonja Olive

An Example of a Discipline-Specific Instructional Program for Graduate Teaching Assistants
-- By Penny L. Hammerich

Mentor Selection and Use by First-Semester Graduate Teaching Assistants
-- By Scott A. Myers

Improving the Performance of Teaching Assistants through the Development and Interpretation of Informal Evaluations
-- By Tim Bordonaro

Mentoring Graduate Teaching Assistants: Creating an Effective Mentor/Mentee Relationship
-- By Penny Baldwin Avery

A Dozen Reasons Why We Should Prepare Graduate Students to Teach
-- By Marilla Svinicki

Using Focus Groups in the Training of Graduate Teaching Assistants
-- By John Austin

The Anticipatory Stage of TA Socialization: An Initial Investigation
-- By Scott A. Myers

The Role of TAs in Coherent Language Curriculum Development
-- By Ronald P. Leow

Cooperative Learning and the Role of the TA
-- By Bradford Kline

Sexual Harassment and the ITA Curriculum
-- By Andrea Tyler

A Case Study of Molding The New Generation: Factors Which Impact Science Education Graduate Teaching Assistants' Attitudes and Behaviors
-- By J. Randy McGinnis

A Cross-Disciplinary Study of GTA's Views on Topics Used in Training Programs
-- By David E. Williams

Teaching Assistant Deployment and Development: Who, Why and How
-- By Dr. Leo Davids