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University of Connecticut Department of Psychology Social Psychology


Honors and Awards | Grants | Editorships and Books | Press Coverage | Alumni Placements and Accomplishments | Visitors
Recent Honors and Awards
Blair T. Johnson Receives the 2013 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) Excellence in Research Award in the Behavioral and LIfe Sciences Division Apr 2013
I-Ching Lee, Felicia Pratto, and Blair Johnson Co-winners of the Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize from SPSSI for best paper on intergroup relations Nov 2012
Tessa West and David A. Kenny Awarded Theoretical Innovation Award, the Society of Personality and Social Psychology Jan 2013
David A. Kenny Inaugural Winner, Methodological Innovation Award, the Society of Personality and Social Psychology Oct 2012
David A. Kenny Awarded Distinguished Scientist Award, Society for Experimental Social Psychology Oct 2012
Blair T. Johnson Elected Secretary Treasurer, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Sep 2012
Seth C. Kalichman Received AAUP's Award for Research Excellence Apr 2011
Andrew L. Stewart Awarded National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Fellowship Apr 2011
Hart Blanton Elected to executive committee of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology Oct 2010
Jeffrey D. Fisher Named Distinguished Professor, a title held by very few UConn faculty members Apr 2010
David A. Kenny Receives the Distinguished Career Award given by the International Association for Relationship Research. He received the award at the biannual meeting in Herzliya, Israel. July 2010
David A. Kenny Elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (see article in UConn Advance; list of awardees is here May 2008
David A. Kenny Recipient of the Donald T. Campbell Award for distinguished contributions in social psychology (see UConnAdvance article) Aug 2005
Recent Grants
Blair T. Johnson Awarded NIAID grant to examine geospatial factors in HIV prevention trial outcomes Sep-10
Laramie Smith Receives NIMH National Research Service Award Sep-10
Carter A. Lennon &Andrew L. Stewart Awarded Psi Chi research grant Aug-10
Judy Y. Tan Awarded NSF dissertation grant Aug-10
Seth C. Kalichman Awarded NIAAA grant to study alcohol beliefs and HIV adherence Fall 2009
Blair T. Johnson Awarded NIMH grant to conduct syntheses of HIV prevention research Apr-09
Seth C. Kalichman Awarded NIMH grant to study an HIV treatment adherence intervention for people with poor literacy skills May-09
Seth C. Kalichman Awarded NIAAA grant to study alcohol-related HIV risks among South African Women May-09
Diane M. Quinn Receives an NIMH grant to predict psychological distress among people living with concealable stigmatized identities Aug-08
Kerry L. Marsh Awarded NIMH grant to use virtual reality imaging in relation to sexual risk behavior. May-08
Seth C. Kalichman receives new grant for "Mutlilevel Alcohol-HIV/AIDS Prevention in South Africa" Sep-07
Marcella B. Boynton Receives NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant Fall 2007
Mary Crawford receives Faculty Residential Fellowship from UCONN's Humanities Institute Aug-07
David B. Portnoy Receives NSF Dissertation Facilitation Grant May-07
Amanda Snook Receives NSF Pre-doctoral Award Mar-07
Stephenie R. Chaudoir Receives NIMH National Research Service Award Feb-07
Marcella B. Boynton Receives NIMH National Research Service Award Feb-07
Jeffrey D. Fisher Receives new NIMH Grant for HIV prevention in South Africa Jan-07
Wynne Norton Awarded NIMH NRSA predoctoral grant to study prevention strategies to reduce HIV risk. Sep-06
Entire program (Seth C. Kalichman, PI) Receives grant from NIMH for training doctoral students in social processes and AIDS. Jun-06
Kerry L. Marsh Receives grant “Assessing Synchrony as a Basis for Social Connection in Autism,” from the Cure Autism Now Foundation Mar-06
Diane M. Quinn Receives NSF grant Jan-05
Mary Crawford Recipient, Fulbright Senior Scholar Grant to support research in Nepal (2004-2005) Aug-04
Kerry L. Marsh Recipient of NSF grant to study affordances for cooperation as a dynamical system  July 2004
I-Ching Lee, Diana Millilo, Lori Scott-Sheldon Recipients of SPSSI Travel Awards Jun-04
Susan M. Kiene Awarded SPSSI grant-in-aid to support her research in South Africa. Jul-04
Susan M. Kiene Awarded National Institute of Mental Health National pre-doctoral Research Service Award Jun-04
Chandra Y. Osborn Awarded National Institute of Mental Health National pre-doctoral Research Service Award May-04
Jennifer J. Harman Awarded APA Division 38 (Health Psychology) research grant to investigate HIV risk in formerly incarcerated individuals and their partners Mar-04
Jeffrey D. Fisher Awarded NIMH grant, “Changing Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence Behavior.” Oct-03
David A. Kenny

Hosts NSF-funded Workshop on the Social Relations Model. Jun-03
Editorships and Books
Mary Crawford Publishes book, Sex Trafficking in South Asia: Telling Maya's Story Dec-09
Diane M. Quinn and Hart Blanton Begin 3-year term as co-editors of Dialogue, the official newsletter of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology. Sep-09
Colin Wayne Leach Begins term as Associate Editor, European Journal of Social Psychology Jan-09
Diane M. Quinn Begins term as Associate Editor, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Sep-08
Mary Crawford, Jack Dovidio, David Kenny New co-authored books by: Mary Crawford, Transformations: Women, Gender and Psychology, John F. Dovidio, The Social Psychology of Prosocial Behavior, and David A. Kenny, Dyadic Data Analysis. Nov-06
Blair T. Johnson Publishes edited volume, Handbook of Attitudes (co-edited with Dolores Albarracín and Mark P. Zanna) Feb-05
Mary Crawford
Publishes 4th edition of Women and Gender: A Feminist Psychology Aug-03
Press Coverage of Note
Wynne E. Norton Profiled in gradPSYCH for her Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Mar-08
Blair T. Johnson Interviewed by Good Morning America (and numerous other media outlets) regarding his meta-analysis of antidepressant efficacy in PLoS Medicine Feb-08
Chandra Osborn Interviewed in UConn Advance Oct-05
John F. Dovidio Research on subtle racism profiled in UConn's Advance Feb-05
Melissa Sue Angus-John
Profiled in APA's gradPSYCH as a Merage Fellow Aug-04
Alumni Placements and Accomplishments of Note (Partial Listing)
Laramie Smith Takes position at the University of California at San Diego 2013
Melissa John Takes assistant professorship at Worchester Polytechnic Institute Aug-10
Wynne E. Norton Takes assistant professorship at University of Alabama at Birmingham Aug-09
Stephenie Chaudoir Takes assistant professorship at Bradley University Aug-09
Jennifer R. Daniels Takes assistant professorship at Illinois Wesleyan University Aug-09
Gregory S. Kerwin Takes assistant professorship at Albright University Aug-09
Lisa Eaton Takes Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Yale University Aug-09
Marcella H. Boynton Takes Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Duke University Aug-09
Rebecca Ferrer Accepts Cancer Research and Training Award at theNational Canter Institute Aug-09
Michelle Kaufman Takes Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Research Triangle Institute Aug-09
Tessa V. West Takes assistant professorship at New York University Aug-08
David B. Portnoy Begins three-year post-doctoral fellowship at the National Canter Institute in cancer prevention Aug-08
Susan M. Kiene Completes PhD, takes assistant professorship at Brown University Medical School (joint appointment in Medicine and Community Health Research) Summer 2007
Cynthia Mohr Promoted to associate professor and tenured, Portland State University Aug-07
I-Ching Lee Received government grant to support continued research from UConn on cultural bases for preference for inequality Jul-07
Demis E. Glasford Completes PhD, takes assistant professorship at John Jay College of Criminal Justice Jun-07
I-Ching Lee Takes assistant professorship at National Cheng-Chi University Jan-07
I-Ching Lee Completes PhD, and wins the department's first annual Theodore Millon award for best dissertation Dec-06
Lori Scott-Sheldon Finishes PhD, takes post-doc at Syracuse University Sep-06
Chandra Osborn Finishes PhD, takes post-doc at Northwestern University Medical School Fall 2006
Jennifer J. Harman Completes PhD, takes professorship at Colorado State University Aug-05
Josephine Korchmaros Completes PhD, takes professorship at Southern Illinois University (story on page 3 here). Aug-03
Anthony Lemieux Interviewed in UConn Advance; Completes PhD; takes professorship at SUNY-Purchase Aug-03
Angela Walker
Takes professorship at Quinnipiac University [story]. Aug-03
Visitors: Faculty and Post-Doctoral
Rob Foels Visits program (with Profs. Pratto and Leach) during the 2009-2013 academic years Aug-09
Thomas Ledermann Visits program (with Prof Kenny) during the 2009-2011 academic years Aug-09
Hung-Yu (Henry) Lin Visits program (with Prof Johnson) as a visiting scholar from National Dong-Hwa University, Taiwan Sep-07
Sheng-Chei (Simon) Chang Visits program (with Prof Johnson) as a visiting scholar from National Taitung University, Taiwan Sep-07
Leanne Son Hing Visits program (with Prof Pratto) as a visiting scholar from University of Guelph Spring2007
Nicole Tausch Visits program (with Prof Pratto) as a Post-doctoral Fellow from Oxford University Spring2007
Tania B. Huedo Medina Joins program as a post-doctoral researcher at CHIP with Prof Johnson Nov-06
Jason Seacat Joins program as a post-doctoral research at CHIP with Prof Fisher Sep-06
Samuel Kebaya of MOI University, Kenya Visits program (with Prof Fisher) until summer, 2007 Sep-06
Dr. Landon Reid of Colgate University Visits program (with Prof Pratto) until December Sep-06
Dr. Katherine Stroebe of Lieden University, the Netherlands Visits program (with Prof Dovidio) for Fall semester Aug-06
Dr. Karin Weis Visits program for 2-years (with Profs Dovidio and Johnson) Apr-06
Dr Samer Halabi Visits program for one year (with Profs Dovidio and Pratto) Aug-05
Kristina Petkova Visits UConn as a Fulbright Fellow (until June, 2005) Jan-05
Lucy Johnston Visits as UConn guest professor, August - November 5th Aug-04
Natalie Dove Smoak Begins position as a post-doctoral researcher (with Blair Johnson and Kerry Marsh) Jan-04