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Contemporary French and Francophone Studies

formerly SITES

A quarterly publication

Sites is co-edited by Roger Célestin & Eliane DalMolin at the University of Connecticut, Storrs.
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Contemporary French and Francophone Studies proposes to extend French Studies beyond traditional limits. Inviting all critical approaches on the latest debates in French Studies (cultural studies, francophone studies, autobiography, media studies, etc.), the journal provides a forum not only for academics, but for journalists, artists, filmmakers, and writers of fiction and poetry as well. Containing interviews, articles, fiction and poetry, each issue features contributors from across the disciplines. From 5 to 10% of a given issue is in French; the remaining contents are either in English or bilingual form.

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The objective of Contemporary French and Francophone Studies is to reflect the enormous vitality and variety displayed by those engaged in the field of French Studies. Editorial policy is designed to foster controversy in the field of 20th-Cent./Contemporary French Studies) which is already in significant ideological ferment. Contemporary French and Francophone Studies has attempted to follow this objective in both past issues on popular culture, autobiography, contemporary writers and poets, women, visual arts, travel writing translation, eroticism, French and other disciplines and will continue to do so in upcoming issues on France/USA, Proust in the 21st Century, and Writing & Film.

From John Taylor's review of SITES in the Times Literary Supplement (Nov. 19, 2000):

  • Sites has a "contagious enthusiasm with which this attractively designed journal participates in contemporary debates concerning France."

  • "Sites is an important and stimulating review whose next issues will be impatiently awaited."

  • "Roger Célestin and Eliane DalMolin, the Editors of Sites, feistily combat the idée reçue that 'nothing has happened in French literature for a long time.'"

  • About the three issues on "Writing in French in the 90s: Novelists and Poets: "An excellent feature... are the often extensive essays on - or in depth interviews with - most of the novelists and poets. In all, numerous literary approaches are represented, and the selection justifies the Editor's claim that French literature has remained challenging and compelling from 1950 to 1990, a period during which - according to the standard, narrow, over-simplifying explanation - Sartre's littérature engagée yielded to the New Novel."


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